Jonathan Zawada is a cross-discipline artist best known for his unique approach to art and design. Weaving both analogue and digital techniques, he displays the back and forth interplay between manual physical labour and disembodied digital processes.

Informed by his early roots in web design, coding and animation, Zawada’s art practice further evolved into graphic design, illustration and art direction serving clients like Bloomburg, Nike, and BMW and now includes object design, sculpture, video, installation and painting. His work has received an ARIA, a D&AD award and a MAPDA award, as well as being exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Barcelona, Tokyo and Paris.

Zawada was born in Perth, Australia in 1981 and currently lives and works in Byron Bay, Australia.

Contact: contact@zawada.art

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Selected Exhibitions

Blackout in a Glasshouse, 2016
Goldfish, 2015
My Sentiments Exactly, 2015
A Particular Turbulent Wave, 2015
Touchingly Unfeeling, 2014
100% Potential with Ben Barretto, 2014
Real 3D, 2014
PWND, 2013
Casual Hardcore, 2013
Free Roam Above the Mist, 2012
Kindred Spirits at Colette, 2011
Over Time, 2011
Free Dumb, 2010
Boolean Values, 2008